Art brought us together....

We LOVE Mid Century Modern,  Atomic Era,  Googie shapes,  and all things from the 1950's to 1960's. Our entire home is decorated with Mid-Century furniture and décor.  We use this to inspire and drive our story. We love to imitate and reproduce bits and pieces of the atomic era,  Eames style and furniture and décor of the era. The Googie movement during the mid century influences a lot of what we make. We love to come up with new ideas to showcase the mid century movement, and bring it new life. Everything we do here is completed 'in house'. All digital art is our work and our design, created by us. You will also find some print-on-demand services for some of the digital art on our other stores- Redbubble,  Society 6,  Fine art America.  
Art brought us together in 2006, and we have been a married partnership since 2008. Our artwork and styles and mediums have morphed many times over the years. Our focus for the last several years has been on representing and showcasing the art and feel of the 1950's and 1960's. 
Please enjoy our journey with us!!
Linda and Greg


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