Greg and Linda Halom - The RetroCentric Home

Welcome to our Retro-Centric world! 
We are a husband and wife team fueled by a shared passion for Mid Century design.

 Within the walls of our 1954 home, we've embarked on a journey to resurrect the spirit of the era, one vibrant color,sleek line and googie shape at a time. Our home is decorated with Mid Century furniture and vibrant colors and artwork that breathes new life into our space. We love the gasps of delight and awe when visitors see our home for the first time.
We have taken our love affair with Mid Century design a step further, channeling our energies into crafting artworks that pay homage to an era we hold dear. From playful pieces inspired by the whimsy of the time to more serious works that capture the essence of Mid Century sophistication, our art adds to every room of our home. We are so proud to say that hundreds of pieces have made thier way across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Amazing patrons tell us how much they love and cherish their new pieces. 
What sets our creations apart is the heart and soul poured into each piece. Handcrafted and created in our own home, every artwork is a labor of passion, a unique and one-of-a-kind expression of our devotion to the era that continues to inspire us.For us, it's not just about creating art; it's about preserving a legacy, celebrating a time when design was more than just functional – it was an expression of optimism, creativity, and boundless possibility. 

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